Where To Find The Best Ring Lights

Choosing the right ring light can be tricky if you’re looking to buy one for yourself or your business.

Have a Camera-Ready? Tablet? iPhone?

To pick the best phone ring light, you must consider what you’ll use it for. The 18″ Diamond Luxe III or the 22″ Platinum Pro II ring lights are two of the best options if you need a ring light to use you’re your iPad to take selfies.

DIY Ring Lights. Worth It?

DIY ring lights abound on YouTube and are a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. However, sourcing the required components and putting together the finished product can take time and effort. Aside from ensuring it is secure for usage, you should check that the lighting is stable and suitable for extended periods.

Light Size and Voltage of the Ring

Another factor to consider while looking for a ring light is the ring light’s output and size. Light quality and color accuracy improve with high lumens (lm) and color rendering index (CRI). Makeup artists, tattooists, and hair colorists benefit significantly from this because of the importance of getting the right shade. Find a ring light with a dimmer knob so you can adjust the intensity. With this, you won’t have to lug the light stand about every time you want to tweak the power of your setup.


Warranties may differ from one store to the next, so shopping around is essential. Generally speaking, a purchase warranty of at least a year is necessary.

Need The Ring Light To Point Down?

Those in the brow and lash industry and tattoo artists and photographers who need to film work on a flat surface may find this very useful. A “gooseneck” is a necessary component of the ring lamp that allows it to bend to any desired degree of flexibility.

The Ring Light’s Color Temp.

The Spectrum Aurora 22″ Platinum Pro II ring lamp includes a dimmer for color temperature, making it easier to achieve a warm color temperature—ideal for photography or filming—than using snap-on orange filters.


Is a tote included? A reflective surface? A sagging neck? An action? Holding a cradle for a cell phone? The camera mount? Are you using a plug-in AC power adaptor appropriate for your country? Those essential extras should be included with any ring light you buy.

The Spectrum Aurora comes with the most valuable accessories compared to other ring light models. Everything from the ring light to the phone/camera mount to the gooseneck to the stand to the mirror to the AC adaptor to the handy carry bag is included.

CFLs vs. LED Wedding Bands

As a more antiquated technology, fluorescent ring lights don’t last as long as their modern LED counterparts. LED ring lights don’t have this problem and create heat, which may be uncomfortable when applying makeup. In contrast, fluorescent ring lights get hot when used for long periods, and require the purchase of a new bulb when the bulb is broken.



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